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Dr. Gottfried "sponsors" a book/movie group at NMB


This is a completely unofficial group, not a club, for which no one receives compensation of any kind. (See below for how to join).

The plan, if you can call it a plan, is to read books that are being made into movies, discuss the books, and then go to the movies.

Since 2001 when the group was started with Mrs. Dewhurst, then an English teacher at NMB, we have read and seen:

  1. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings
  2. Big Trouble
  3. The Time Machine
  4. The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
  5. The Four Feathers
  6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  7. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  8. Tuck Everlasting
  9. Holes

When Mrs. Dewhurst left NMB Ms Oates graciously agreed to help with the group, and on June 4, 2004 we went to see

Harry Potter-Prisoner of Azkaban

As time progressed and students were too busy to attend meetings the following were proposed, but only few came to see the movies.

Bourne Identity
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
From Russia with Love
Dreamcatcher (which we discussed, but were unable to watch w/students-rated R)

I,  Robot (I went with my wife, but only 1 student showed up :-(

Future Ideas-

Vanity Fair (great trailer, very long book...)

A Sound of Thunder (VERY VERY SHORT STORY)

A Series of Unfortunate Events-Lemony Snicket

Can the Group Live Again....Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy???


  1. You go to the movie with “us” only if you have read the book. If you want to bring a friend to the movie, that is acceptable, as long as they don’t cause trouble (I may bring my wife if it is a movie she wants to see).
  2. We will read/watch both first run movies  (Aventura-expensive but comfortable seats and free parking), which we will try and go to on opening day, and older book/movie pairs which we will watch at NMB (free-but you can buy popcorn). The proportion of first run versus older movies will depend entirely on how many books you are willing to read and what is in the theatres.
  3. We will not read books in pieces. For each book we will meet to discuss the book before the movie (either the same day or shortly before the screening) and then discuss it afterwards. At most 1-2 meetings/book-movie. You WILL have read the whole book before the meeting.
  4. No one is committed to anything. If you read a book and want to discuss it, you come to the meeting and movie and if not, not; no harm, no foul.
  5. Communication will be by email, and membership in the group and meetings will be by invitation-it will not be announced on the morning TV.
  6. I will try and schedule meetings so they are convenient, so 7th period is the most likely time. If everyone shares a lunch, we might do that so we can get to an earlier showing.
  7. Choice of book/movie pairs will be democratic, within the bounds of what is possible in the school system (no R-rated films), and within the limits of what I am prepared to read. For example, we will not do books that were written based on a script to capitalize on a movie’s box office. IMHO those aren’t real books, and my opinion is the only one that counts.
  8. I may try and do some over the summer, if that is when the movie opens and I am in town.
  9. I am not prepared to order books for you.

You can

·        buy it yourself at Borders/Barnes and Noble etc.

·        go to the library

·        borrow it from a friend

·        buy it used on line ( for example).


If you are interested send email to the list, so I can get a sense of numbers, and once show times are set we can make arrangements.


And, still in the “can” from previous years, movies which either no one saw, or only one or two people showed up for,  we have:


Timeline-which many of you read, but we never went to see is now available on DVD.

 Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress- which I really enjoyed and no one else has seen.

 Bourne Identity-if you want to pre-view it before the Bourne Supremacy comes out.

 From Russia With Love (very old James Bond).



If you are interested, send a message to: