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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Holiday Lectures

TO: AP Bio, AP Environmental; AP Chemistry; Honors Anatomy and Physiology; Honors Marine Biology; Honors Oceanography II; Honors Chemistry; Honors/Gifted Biology


We are planning on doing the HHMI Holiday Lectures/field trip in a different way this year. Rather than take whole classes we will take those students who have, and show an active interest in (a) research (b) the subject.

Students will be chosen for either Thursday, Friday or both days of the lectures. We will make sure that the administration insists that ALL faculty not only allow, but encourage their students to attend both days if offered.

Points will be given for each item and those with the highest point totals will be chosen for both days. Lower totals will go one day or the other.

Consideration will be based on the following:

1) Science teacher recommendation (required)

2) A or B in science for the 1st marking period (weighted)

3) Overall GPA

4) Attendance and participation in "seminars" on Patients and Diseases. On each date there is a different simulation to experience followed by a discussion. Simulations will start at 2:00 and run through 2:45. The simulations are designed to model and explain some of the core concepts that are the focus of this years lectures.

Due to FTAA the seminars planned for 11/17 & 18 have been cancelled.

There will be seminars on 11/24 & 25.

Since this restricts your opportunities to "show interest" you may wish to go to the HHMI web page (see below) and read up on the lectures and then write something about why you are interested in one or more of them.

5) Mini-research paper on something related to the topics that we havenít discussed (topic to be pre-approved by either Dr. Rothstein or Dr. Gottfried).

6) Participation in UM/HHMI Wednesday 12/3 evening Family Science Event (details to follow).

7) Priority points will be given to those

    a) doing research

    b) seniors who have participated in the past

    c) juniors who have participated in the past

    d) rare freshmen who show strong motivation and interest


Links to the lecture site can be found at