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Sickle Cell Anemia - Form I What causes it?

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At the Your Genes Your Health Site open the page on sickle cell anemia (

After reading the central portion with its summaries click on the tab to the left that says "What Causes it?" 

Read the section, answering the questions below as you go.

 Question 1: If you are African-American what is the likelihood you were born with Sickle Cell Disease? Would the odd be higher or lower in Africa? Would it matter where in Africa (I mean, Africa is a big place!) Why?

Question 2: What chromosome contains the Beta Globin Gene?  Where on the chromosome would you find the gene (relative to the centromere)? What is wrong (VERY WRONG) with the beautiful animation of transcription/translation?

Question 3: Describe how oxygen affects the sickling process?

Question 4: What organs and systems are most susceptible to problems due to sickle cells?

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