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Phylogeny Chapter 32a On Line Form

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Complete the questions using the chapters of your textbook Campbell’s Biology (7th Edition).

CHAPTER 32 PART 1. Directions: All answers are to be completed on your own.

Question 1: Outline the major characteristics Campbell uses to define an animal.

Question 2: List an hypothesis for the origin of animals.

Question 3: Describe the two forms of symmetry of the Eumetazoa.

Question 4: What is the significance of cephalization as an evolutionary trend?

Question 5: How do the germ layers of Radiata and the other Eumetazoa differ?

Questions 6-13 Define the term and describe its significance in classifying animals.

Question 6: Acoelomates

Question 7: Pseudocoelomates

Question 8: Coelomates

Question 9: Protostomes

Question 10: Deuterostomes

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Question 11: Spiral, determinate cleavage

Question 12: Radial, indeterminate cleavage

Question 13: Blastopore

Question 14: List a number of the major differences between the Protostomes and Deuterostomes.

Label the stages of early embryonic development of animal.





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