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Phylogeny Chapter 31 On Line Form

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Class Period

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Complete the questions using the chapters of your textbook Campbell’s Biology (7th Edition).

CHAPTER 31 PART 1. Directions: All answers are to be completed on your own.

Question 1: How do fungi acquire nutrients?

Question 2: Because of this mode of nutrition, fungi have evolved what structure to provide for both extensive surface area and rapid growth?

Question 3: How do the cell walls of fungi differ from the cell walls of plants?

Question 4: How do fungi contribute to an ecosystem?

Question 5: Give some examples of how fungi are important to humans.

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PART 2. Directions: Using Figure 31.9 on page 613 and the information in the text, outline the key characteristics of each branch of the Kingdom Fungi identified on the diagram. Include several examples of organisms in each division.

Division Characteristics Example
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9 10 11
12 13 14
15 16 17
18 19 20


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