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Phylogeny Chapter 28 On Line Form

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Class Period

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Complete the questions using the chapters of your textbook Campbell’s Biology (7th Edition).

CHAPTER 28 PART 1. Directions: All answers are to be completed on your own.

Question 1: Why are Protists said to be the most diverse of all eukaryotes?

Question 2: What process is thought to be involved in the genesis of eukaryotes from prokaryotes?

Question 3: Define serial endosymbiosis?

Question 4: Why do most systematists currently working on eukaryotic relationships consider Kingdom Protista and the five kingdom system obsolete?

PART 2. Directions: Using Figure 28.3 on page 551 and the information in the text, outline the key characteristics that distinguish the major branches of the Domain Eukarya identified on the diagram.


Branch Point Characteristics
1 “5”
2 “6”
3 “7”
4 “8”
5 “9”
6 “10”
7 “11”



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