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NMB Faculty Comments

Odd/Even Calendar

Given the paranoia rampant during the SSRI (8 period/4x4) survey I decided that there are teachers who are reluctant to voice their views directly to administration.

Given I have this "form" technology which can easily collect and collate anonymous opinions it seemed a no-brainer when I wanted to voice my opinions on the odd./even schedule we have used this year to see if others wanted to add their two cents.

My comments (so you have an idea of where I’m coming from.)

You don’t have to agree with me to post comments. I’ll pass everything on.

If you want me to add anything to this feel free to submit a comment in the box below. If you want "credit" put your name in the box. If not, don't.

(The box expands if you need more room).

If you want to comment on something other than the schedule, send me an email  and I can easily set up a page for anonymous comments about other topics.


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