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Arizona Biology Project


This is a relatively long assignment (there are over 20 blanks). Pace yourself, but don’t get distracted. There are 2 things I want you to do besides just read the tutorials.

You are encouraged, but not required to work in pairs. If you do not "submit" it electronically, I won't get the work!

The first set of questions is the "Mitosis" assignment. If you finish and submit that, you should continue on and do the meiosis portion of the assignment.

 1-Go to the Arizona Biology Cell Biology Education site:

 The Biology Project: Cell Biology  This will work best if you open it in a new windows-just clicking should do it, but if not, try opening a second Explorer (Ctrl-N) and following the link from only one window.

 2-Within this site you will do several things. Please note that this site is intended for college students, and may include vocabulary you will have trouble with. Do not hesitate to ask for definitions.

 3-Click on “Cell Cycle and Mitosis”

Your Name (if you are working pairs, both names):
(Please enter them last name, first name; last name, first name That makes it easier for me to record the grades).


Class Period 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

4-Using the “next” command at the bottom of each screen go through the 3 modules in this section (DNA Basics, The Cell Cycle, Mitosis). Don’t bother with the mitosis animation-it doesn’t always play well on these machines.

5-Answer the following questions:

Q-1: Define Chromatin:


Q-2What does the G stand for in G1 and G2?


Q-3 Describe the stages of mitosis in words. You should have one sentence for each stage (that is a minimum of 5 sentences. Don't just cut and paste. I know the standard descriptions. Explaining in your own words will convince me you understand.

6-Go back to the Cell Biology Page and in the left hand column there is an activity: Onion Root Tips. Click on that.

7-Read and follow the “next” until you get to the table, which I have copied below  for you.








number of cells




percent of cells



As you carry out the on-line onion root tip lab, record your data in this table.

Q-4: In which phase does a cell spend most of its time?


8-Go back to the Cell Biology Page. Go to the meiosis tutorial, and again follow the “next” to learn about meiosis. When you have gotten to the questions, go back to the page with the link to the 2 karyotype activities.

9-Go through the karyotype activity and for each patient record the proper notation and the diagnosis.

  Notation Diagnosis
Patient A    
Patient B    
Patient C    

Q5-What do you think of the Arizona Biology Project’s web tutorials?