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Learning Styles "Extra" Grade

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The following is not a required assignment.

If you do it, and answer the questions, I will include an "A" in a grade column.

If you don't do it, I will put an "X" in the column. (No harm, no foul).

There is some question as to whether knowing your "Learning Style" will help you study better (see gray box below).  Knowing it can't hurt.

Go to  (the page should open in a new window).

Click on either "Questionaire" in the menu or the big arrowhead.

Answer the questions. 

After you click submit you will see a list of the possible learning styles: Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic. There will be numbers assigned beside each of the learning styles. The style with the highest number applies to you. If there are two or more with equal number, then you are Multimodal, meaning you learn in more than one way.

Record the results below. If a mode is blank, leave it blank here.

Visual Aural Read/Write Kinesthetic

Below the list of learning styles is a list of links to information on each style. Investigate your learning styles. [UNLESS YOU HAVE EXTRA MONEY DON'T BUY THE PROFILE]

Use the information you see after clicking to answer the following questions about your self. 

Q-1 How do you best learn information? What can you do in school and at home to improve your learning?

Q-2  How should you study? What, specifically, can you do?

Q-3 What should you do to  perform well on tests? Specifically

Knowing your learning style may not help you in the same way that knowing you have a disease does not cure the disease or weighing yourself does not fix obesity. It is the next step that is important - When students make changes to their study methods based on their VARK preferences, their learning will be enhanced, that is, when they use strategies that align with their preferences. It is what you do after you learn your preferences that has the potential to make a difference.