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Genetics - Form III Genes and Dominance

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DO NOT Click submit more than once!

TAB OR USE THE MOUSE Between the fields....

You are encouraged to work in small groups (pairs or threes). You will only have to submit one paper per group (with all the names!)

In the computer log on as “River” password: “Deep” in the Domain “this computer”

You will want to keep this window open while you work on Riverdeep. To do this you should open Riverdeep in a new window.

Click on “Start” then “Programs” then “Riverdeep Logal Express” then “Riverdeep Logal Express”

Click on “High School Science Gateways” then “Biology” then “Principles of Genetics”

Start with “Genes and Dominance” and read and do everything on the site. However while you need to fill in the tables on the site to figure things out, you do not have to answer the questions in the boxes on the site. Below you will find boxes with some of their questions, and some of my own. You will be graded on these answers.

Answer the questions as best you can. The boxes will expand as you type if you need more space. (Don't worry if it is a one word answer. The box size is standard.)


Class Period

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Question 1: Define phenotype. Define genotype. Define allele.

Question 2: What is the genotype for a rabbit with floppy ears?

Question 3: Fill in the table on page 5 of 11 in the simulation window. In the tables on pages 5 and 6 of 11 what is the missing genotype?

Question 4:  On page 7 of 11 fill in the table in the simulation. Define homozygous. Define heterozygous.

Question 5: Where in meiosis do the chromosomes separate, illustrating how the law of segregation works?


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