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DNA Review

When you click Submit (at the bottom of this web page) it will save your work on the server for me.

DO NOT Click submit more than once!

TAB OR USE THE MOUSE Between the fields....

You are encouraged to work in small groups (pairs or threes). You will only have to submit one paper per group (with all the names!)

In the computer log on as “River” password: “Deep” in the Domain “this computer”

This is not part of the grade. It is for my information. It can be anonymous. If you do not wish to put your name, put "ANON" in the name box.


Class Period

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Question 1:  What did you think of the DNAi site? Did it help you to learn? Is it better than my lecturing on the topic? (Don't worry about my feelings, I don't have any...(about this))

Question 2: What did you think about the PBS site? 

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