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DNA Central Dogma Form I - DNA Structure and Base Pairing

When you click Submit (at the bottom of this web page) it will save your work on the server for me.

DO NOT Click submit more than once!

TAB OR USE THE MOUSE Between the fields....

You are encouraged to work in small groups (pairs or threes). You will only have to submit one paper per group (with all the names!)

In the computer log on as “River” password: “Deep” in the Domain “this computer”

You will want to keep this window open while you work on the DNAi site. To do this, hold down the shift key when you click on the link to open it in a new window.

Click on "Finding the Structure" at the lower left.

After you read the section on "Problem" continue to "Players" and "Pieces of the Puzzle." 

After that you can  go to the concluding section "Putting it together" where you should watch the video and then go through the "Base pairing interactive" 

As you go through the Base pairing interactive" you will build a section of DNA. 

Answer the questions as best you can. The boxes will expand as you type if you need more space. (Don't worry if it is a one word answer. The box size is standard.)


Class Period

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Question 1:  Who are the 6 key players identified in this section? What did each of them contribute to the puzzle? (If you want to watch the videos use the small size to conserve bandwidth.) 

Question 2: How many hydrogen bonds are there between Cytosine and Guanine? Between Thymine and Adenine?

Question 3: What sub-units make up the "steps" of the DNA ladder? What sub-units make up the sides of the ladder? 

Question 4. Look carefully at the finished DNA model. Compare the orientations of the sugars on the two sides.


Question 5 (extra): If you saw the movie Gattaca, what is meant by a "borrowed ladder?"

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