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AP Enzyme Kinetics

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You might want to actually write your answers in Word (so you can spell check them) and then cut-and-paste into the boxes. That way, if the computer misplaces your work you can just re-paste the answers.

Since we may work on this over more than one day, and you can work at home, I will keep track of what you have done. Feel free to click submit as you work to save your work to the server. I have however tried to keep the size of the assignment small enough that you should be able to do it in one session.

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Answer the questions as best you can. The boxes will expand as you type if you need more space. (Don't worry if it is a one word answer. The box size is standard.)

Since you will be working in groups, put all the names of the people in the group in the box. The ideal group size is 2. As an exception I will allow groups of 3. No groups of 4 or 5. If you work as a group of 3 I expect better answers. Group sizes above 3 will be penalized in the grading.


Class Period

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Click on the link below, and switching between this document and the open browser answer the questions. Most of the answers can be found through observation, but some require thought or research on the web.

Spend a couple of minutes “playing” at each site to figure out how it works. Some have an audio track, and I'd REALLY appreciate it if you used headphones.

Enzymes Computer Activity

Question 1:  Using paperclipase as a model system…

A-What could be, or might have been, or you could imagine, as a competitive inhibitor?

B-What could be, or might have been, or you could imagine, as a non-competitive inhibitor?

C-How could the paperclipase model system be adapted to include feedback inhibition?

Play both Biochemical Pathways and Feedback from this site

Question 2:  Think of and describe an analogy for a biochemical pathway (non-biological analogy) and include a description of how feedback inhibition might work in your analogy.

Question 3:  

A-What is the shape of the curve if you graph the rate of reaction as a function of substrate concentration?

B-What is the shape of the curve is you graph the rate of reaction as a function of temperature?

Question 4: Do these animations help?


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