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AP Photosynthesis

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Answer the questions as best you can. The boxes will expand as you type if you need more space. (Don't worry if it is a one word answer. The box size is standard.)

Since you will be working in groups, put all the names of the people in the group in the box. The ideal group size is 2. As an exception I will allow groups of 3. No groups of 4 or 5. If you work as a group of 3 I expect better answers. Group sizes above 3 will be penalized in the grading.



Class Period

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Most, but not necessarily all, of the answers to my questions can be found in the animations.

Question 1:  AtomicAbsorption

How is this animation relevant to photosynthesis?

Question 2: Light Capturing Systems

Where do electrons come from in PSI?

Where do the electrons come from in PSII?

Besides the pumping of H+ across the membrane, where else do H+ ions come from that accumulate in the thylakoid?


Question 3:

 How is ATP made in the chloroplast?

Question 4:  

Why does PSII come before PSI?

 Why is it called PSII?

Question 5:

 Compare cyclic and noncyclic photophosphorylation.


Remember, the boxes will expand as you type if you need more space.

Question 6:

What do you need to run the Calvin Cycle?

What does the Calvin Cycle actually produce?

Question 7:   This is a nice overview.

Fill in the blanks...   3 RuBP = ___C 

6 G3P = ____C

Where did the extra carbons come from?

Where do they go?


Question 8:  What is the ratio of ATP to NADPH needed in the Calvin Cycle?

How does this work if non-cyclic photophosphorylation produces ATP and NADPH in a 1:1 ratio?

These last two are more complicated than you need, but I enjoyed them. See if you can follow along.




Question 9:  Why is the Calvin cycle called carbon fixation?

What enzyme actually does the “fixing?”

What molecule is the carbon added to?

Question 10:  In what ways are respiration and photosynthesis alike. How are they different? (Think of this like a summative essay question -hint-)