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AP LAB 10 - Physiology of the Circulatory System

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You might want to actually write your answers in Word (so you can spell check them) and then cut-and-paste into the boxes. That way, if the computer misplaces your work you can just re-paste the answers.

Although you could in theory work from home, the simulation is only available on the school's network. . 

TAB OR USE THE MOUSE Between the fields....

Answer the questions as best you can. The boxes will expand as you type if you need more space. (Don't worry if it is a one word answer. The box size is standard.)

Since you will be working in groups, put all the names of the people in the group in the box. The ideal group size is 2. As an exception I will allow groups of 3. No groups of 4 or 5. If you work as a group of 3 I expect better answers. Group sizes above 3 will be penalized in the grading.



Class Period

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To answer these questions  you can

(1) do the simulated lab in APLab10 in "shortcut to shortcuts" [You do better to start this from "shortcut to shortcuts" rather than from this a link here.]

(2) do the simulated lab at lab bench The Biology Place/Lab Bench/Lab 10

Question 1: Explain why blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and a standing position.

Question 2: Why is high blood pressure a health concern?

Question 3:  Explain why an athlete must exercise harder or longer to achieve a maximum heart rate than a person who is not as physically fit. (Include a discussion of how long you think it takes Dr. G to reach maximum heart rate.)

Question 4: Why do you think smoking causes a rise in blood pressure? (This may require outside research. If you don't finish in class time, you can enter the answer to this question on its own later).

Question 5: Describe the shape of a graph where temperature is the dependent variable and heart rate is the independent variable for Daphia.

Question 6: Why does temperature affect heart rate in ectothermic organisms?

Question 7: What do you think would happen if you did the same type of experiment on an endotherm (say a person)? Why?

Question 8: Discuss how an ectotherm might use behavior to regulate its temperature. Include at least 4 different ways. (Think summer homework. Think lizards.)