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NMB 4x4 Survey December 2006

Please read the Pro/Con memo from administration and discuss this with your colleagues and peers.

This is not a formal vote, but a survey to help inform our continuing discussion.

When you click Submit (at the bottom of this web page) it will save your answers on the server.

This form will not save any identifying information. This process is completely anonymous.


TAB OR USE THE MOUSE Between the fields....

Security Code: Enter the code from your instruction sheet. There is no record associating the random security code with individuals. The code simply prevents unauthorized users (students) from flooding the survey by pretending to be teachers.  Enter the number carefully, it MUST match a database table for your entry to be counted.

If the vote were to be held right now I would vote for:

4x4 (8 period block)

as currently implemented

6 period-block 

(3x3; 120 minutes)

6 period day

- no block  (traditional 55-60 minute periods)

Note: A 30 minute reading period will be incorporated into either 6 period schedule, but not into the 8 period block schedule.

If offered the opportunity, would you want to teach 7 or 8 classes next year?


Demographics are being collected solely to facilitate data interpretation.

Teaching Experience:

1-5 years 6-10 years  11+ years


ESE Foreign Language/ESOL  Language Arts Math PE Reading
Science Social Studies Student Services Visual & Performing Arts Vocational Other

Current Teaching Schedule

6 classes 7 classes  8 classes Other

Comments on the 4x4: 

(The box will expand as you type if you need more space.)

The results will be tabulated, the comments abstracted and both will be posted to a web page and provided to Mr. Fontana and the UTD.


Please do not click submit more than once!

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