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This study is not yet active, and is still being developed by BEAM students & faculty.

Check back in early November...Dr. G.

BMI & Ethnicity

As part of preparing for the 2004 Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Holiday Lectures we are collecting data on Body Mass Index and how that relates to ethnicity. 

For each person you are planning to enter into the database go to the BMI calculator.

Then enter the data in the form below:

We understand that ethnicity is to some extent arbitrary, but try and find the closest match.




Male Female


0-9 10-19   20-29   30-39   40-49
50-59  60-69    70-79   80-89   90-99


African American/Black Asiatic Eastern European   Western European Pacific Islander
Native American Hispanic (Caucasian) Hispanic (Afro-Cuban)   Caribbean Islander Other

If you want a copy of our results when they are compiled, please enter your email address below: